Loot, Pickups and Minimap

cover This update is smaller than the last one. I was busy fixing stuff in the academy halls.

You can get pickups in Academy Halls! #

spawns Every mob you kill has the possibility to spawn a pickup. Currently, there are five different types of pickups:

  • Health: restores 10% of maximum health
  • Resource: restores 10% of your resource pool (Mana, Energy, Rage, Focus)
  • Experience: grants 150xp to your current equipment set
  • Essence: grants a random essence with a random level

They have different drop probabilities. Health and resources have the best chance. Experience and essence drops have a lower probability.

There is a minimap in the top right corner. #

spawns It shows all players on the map as well as all spawns. Red spawns are active, yellow ones are getting captured, and green ones are inactive.

Skyzo drops loot! #

If you defeat the world boss of Academy Halls, you have a chance to receive the Tetraband trinket. spawns

It grants rotating base attributes on ability cast.

Fixes #

  • link Regression ability can not be cast, if you have less then the base amount of resource
  • link Bloodshed arena vassal doesn’t get killed. I hope this is fixed now but we will see after more testing.

Thanks to @Fendse and @Tengoku for reporting those bugs!

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