First 3D Release


I finally finished the migration to 3D. I started working on it in February and finished it this week.
There were a lot of learnings along the way.
Starting from 3D model creation in MagicaVoxel to rigging and animating in Blender and ending with designing particle effects in 3D. This is still an early access release, and there will be some rough edges. The Android-Version is not available yet. I have to figure out how the perspective can work on mobile devices.
The game runs more or less smoothly in WebGL ( I would suggest using the Chrome browser because, on my pc Firefox barely makes it to the 30fps.

In the video you can see the last weapon in action. Plague Carrier is based on overtime damage effects. Your goal consists in having a high uptime of all these DoTs.

I also reworked all avatars by giving them more details. newAvatars

Next up will be the creation of a training area where you can try out your weapons.
There will also be a playerhub area where you can interact with other players.

I’m still looking for people who want to test my game :) If you are interested you can contact me at my Discord