Smart Bots Release

cover All changes on the Beta branch are now live on Steam. I will reiterate all changes below. If you already read the beta posts, you can skip the points.

New Trailer #

Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions for the new Trailer. Primarily I wanted to show the new raiding interface and some enhanced visuals.

New Spawn animation #

To enhance the Sci-Fi look, I created a shader with ShaderGraph that spawns your character on entering the level. My work isn’t complete yet because the new shader ignores lightning. Unity wouldn’t build the shader with lightning enabled.

I think I will switch the shader after the spawn effect completes.


New Area Select animation #

The old area selection effect was a relict from the 2D version. I reworked it and added a rotation effect. aeSelector

Visual for Essence on Weapons #

I wanted to show your mounted essences on the weapons. essences on weapons

Skip if you already read the beta update

These are the previous patch notes. You can skip them, if you already read the beta updates.

Visuals for boots #

Your choice of boots will now determine how your character looks. Right now, we have six different boot models. But maybe we will add a wider variation.

@Madraox designed the majority of them. He made it possible to pack the boots in this release. newBoots

Bots will now dodge area-effects #

They won’t move out of effects if you set their target mode to follow. They will also move into helpful area effects like ring of hope or flood. When they can’t reach their current target while staying in them, they move out.


New target-zone visuals #

As you can see in the GIF above, target-zone visuals were reworked. Now, you also see the zones around players you need to dodge. All target zones the player needs to dodge have a red underlay. All helpful target zones are colored green.

Calculation of percentage attributes #

Thanks to @Fendse for her rigorous testing. It seems that she tests every possible equipment combination to find the most broken and buggy ones.

This week, she found a miscalculation for the damage-reduction of tanks. Protectors of the Lost could reach a damage reduction rate of >100%. That means you get healed from the damage you should take. That is unintended. I figured that I needed a different scaling for damage reduction.

Before this change, I would sum up all additional attributes. So if we have the following buffs active with 50 power:

  • Fortify: 30+(0.5*50)= 55% reduction
  • ShieldWall: 15+(0.5*50)= 40% reduction
  • Charge: 3+(0.1*50) per stack= 40% reduction (at 5 stacks)
  • Black Rock Cuirass active: 20% reduction

That resulted in a damage reduction of 155% percent.

That is bogus. I changed the way these numbers get merged into multiplication.

I’m using the following formula to combine these reductions now:

(1 - stat1) * (1 - stat2)

So in the end we get to 81% reduction which is ok for a tank for a short period.

All percentage stats will get multiplied instead of summed up. For decreasing percentages, we use the formula above for increasing we use this formula:

(1 + stat1) * (1 + stat2)

So if we have two buffs that increase our damage by 30% and 20% we end up with a 56% increase.

(1 + 0.3) * (1 + 0.2) = 1.56

For transparent stats, I added a new window above the statistics window. statWindow