Progress Report: WebGL, Guest Accounts and Playtest


WebGL Release #

You can finally play the 3D version in the Browser. Firefox and Chrome are supported.
On my machine it runs stable with 60 fps. You should be able to achieve at minimum 30 fps in order to play it.

There are still some problems with particle effects. WebGL seems to have problems with effects that have >500 particles.

Guest Accounts #

I added guest accounts for all that don’t already have an account. 200 Guest accounts can play in parallel.

These account work completely like standard accounts. The only difference is that the server won’t save your progression.

All guest accounts are logged out and cleaned up every night at 03:00 UTC/GMT+2.

Play-test and Give-Away #

I’ve scheduled a Play-Test on 15.06.2023 at 19:00 UTC/GMT+2.
The goal of this test is to find all issues preventing a release.

I invite anyone to participate. You can obtain a key at the Give-Away on IndieDB this weekend.
Even if you don’t have an account you can join as a guest.

Music and Details in the Cell #

Cell and TrainingArea got new music. I did some experiments with SuperCollider and am satisfied with it. There are also some more details in the cell.

Frame Limiter #

You can now limit your frame rate in Settings->Interface->Graphics.
I got annoyed that my pc fans were always on maximum when I played Raiding.Zone.
Perspectively I also want to add vSync and quality settings to this menu. frameLimiter

Initial Weapon Redesign #

I removed a lot of text from the initial weapon dialog.
Instead, you can see all available spells for the weapons.


Grammar check #

I exported all descriptions (from spells, buffs, and pets) and checked them with Grammarly.

There were about 50 grammar and semantic mistakes.