Run Animation, Target Selection and Camera Movement

cover There was a lot of activity in the last two weeks. We performed a playtest on 15.06. I gathered a lot of constructive feedback. The primary improvements recognized are the following:

  • Need for more suitable run animation
  • Better visibility for the selected target
  • If the camera collides with a wall and zooms to the player, it should automatically zoom out if I increase the distance to the wall again.

New run animation #

To improve the running animation, I had to fix the skeleton first. The character’s hands had the wrong rotation. I fixed them by rotating them 90 degrees up the body midline.

skeleton After that, I swapped the run animation for a more suitable one.


Better selection visibility #

Before this change, only a green circle highlighted the target. The green circle is still in place.
I also added an outer glow and a minimal overlay effect.
The name of your selected target is also more pronounced than all other names.


Camera distance restore #

If you were fighting near a wall. The camera would zoom you in to prevent colliding with the wall.
If you would distance yourself from the wall, it remains in the close position.
The latest update fixes this behavior. The camera will now remember your chosen distance and try to restore it if you distance yourself from a wall.