Adamant Beta Release


This week I released adamant difficulty for three raids on the beta server. Those raids are Bloodshed Arena, Sludge Madness, and Escape Attempt. They all got new boss mechanics. In the case of Bloodshed Arena, I improved the existing mechanics. The boss will now get a shield as soon as a vassal spawns.

Five obstacles at the start #

Adamant raids will get an additional obstacle. Every week a lesser and a higher obstacle is chosen. If you begin a raid with up to 4 bonus difficulties, you get only the lesser obstacle. Lesser obstacles are:

  • Capacity: 30% more life for all enemies
  • Inhibitors: Healing is reduced by 40%

At +5 bonus difficulty, you will also fight against a higher obstacle. Higher obstacles are one from these at the start:

  • Arcane Pulses: Periodically creates arcane pulses that deal damage and silence the player on hit. arcane pulses
  • Eruption: Deal damage around players every 20 seconds. eruption
  • Static Charges: Gain a StaticCharge buff every time you move. At 5 stacks, it will deal damage to the nearest player.
    static charges

You can set your cipher by using the /beta-ciper command of the Discord-Bot. You have to enter the name of the level you want the cipher for. You can also rotate the obstacles with the /beta-new-adamant-week command.

Ability timers for boss abilities #

During the boss fight, you will now see a new window. This window shows the ability timings of the boss.

boss phase hints

Minor changes: #

  • Discord-Bot is now deployed on the server.
  • Essence base attributes were halved.
  • Havoc will now always respect the 20 stacks limit for Fissure (Thanks to Fendse)
  • Reducing resource consumption will also reduce the required resources in the game-client (Thanks to Fendse)

Known issues: #

  • Adamant loot does not function the way it should. The adamantine box in the cell will not grant loot right now.
  • Static Charges damage is too high. The bots will probably kill you.
  • Sludge Madness spawns way too many Goos in Adamant difficulty
  • Escape Attempt passage order bugs if you do not walk in the correct order