Progress Report: Sludge Madness


I’m glad to announce that I got another level done. This time you are in the library of an evil alchemist. He summoned an army of goos. Can you defeat their condemned spirit?

The fight is quite intense. There are a lot of area effects are avoidable. In the video, I had to drag the bots a lot of time to move them out. You get to see the healer gameplay for the first time.
I added the Urikas healing weapon. You can simultaneously damage the enemy with your spells. I had to kill the goos myself because the bots won’t to it. They are too dumb to target anything other than the boss.


Urikas is the weapon of a priest. You can bless your allies, granting them damage reduction. Additionaly blessed targets will also receive effects from your other abilties. Mend will also heal blessed targets for half the amount. If you Smite the enemy, then all blessed targets receive a shield.

The next and last level to migrate will be the Firebound Forge.