Avatar Compilation Beta Release

cover I could finally release the new crafting system to the beta servers. Thanks to @Madrao for finding most game-breaking bugs so this release feels functional.

If you followed the updates of the recent month, there is probably not much new.

If not, I will iterate through the changes below.

The character configurator compiles all your equipment into one avatar. #

These avatars get stored in compilation booths in your cell.

cover At the start, you have two of them. You can unlock a third one. You interact with the booth to open the compilation dialog. cover After selecting your equipment, and talents, you can assign essences. cover If you mount the right essence colors into your abilities, you will unlock bonus stats. cover The label in the bottom right corner shows how long the compilation will take. More items, talents, and essences result in a higher compilation duration.

Each compilation will cost you several materials. Right now, you can find these materials at the world level. I think I will add them to the raids too.

You can see your material inventory in your cell. cover

After compilation, you can add your avatars to raids or summon them at the world level.

After finishing the compilation feature, I will rework the existing raids. #

There is still some work to do till I can release the compilation on the live servers. Some visuals are suboptimal. And the whole system needs more thorough testing.

I will work with @Madrao to release the new world-level Desert of Pain. Additionally, I want to rework the raids to enhance the visuals and raid design.

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