Adamant Difficulty Release


In the last weeks, I focused my efforts on adding a new adamant difficulty. The latest update releases it to the live server. The difficulty is only accessible through a Cipher. You get a Cipher by completing a challenging level.

Adamant raids introduce new raid mechanics. You can read about them in the previous dev logs. To further complicate things, adamant raids have weekly changing obstacles. These are additional effects, that will try to kill you.
static charges

If you complete an adamant raid you can receive a level four item. Additionally, you get your rewards at the end of every week in a chest in your cell. rewardDialog

Redesign of items in GUI #

The previous item display celebrated his first birthday some time ago. The adamant rewards gave me the perfect excuse to rework it. The arrows on the left symbolize the item tiers (Story, Normal, Challenging). The symbol in the bottom right shows its bonus/adamant level. This symbol gets more complex as you reach higher bonus levels. The current maximum is 20. itemView

Ability timers for boss abilities #

During the boss fight, you will now see a new window. This window shows the ability timings of the boss.

boss phase hints

Updated Weapon Models #

Madraox designed new meshes for all weapons. There are different meshes for each item level. newWeaponMeshes

Thanks for the awesome year! #

I want to take the chance and thank all who supported Raiding.Zone throughout the year. The amount of ideas, inspiration, and insight you gave me is phenomenal. A special Thank-you goes to Madraox, Fendse, Wuzanari, Hiighsky, and Honk. I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a good start to the new year.

Raiding.Zone will continue to be a raiding-centered game #

But I want to add some open-world elements to it. Places that you can explore alone or with other players. I want to explore different game modes with defensive and survival aspects to them.

At Start, I will rework the training hall and split it into several levels. After that, I want to add a level in the setting of Sludge Madness. The level instance gets shared with all players on the server. You will have to fight monsters and collect stuff. There will be several bosses in this area. So you can bring your bots and friends to fight and loot together.