Teaser: Pit of Elements

cover I want to introduce you to the new level Pit of Elements.

You will fight against the elementalist Khorin. He controls rocks, thunder, fire, and the tides. Khorin

There are also new weapons as a reward for the boss fight.

Thanks to Madraox for providing the tree model on top of the valley!

Water Stream #

Water Stream is a healing weapon. It has its inspiration from the healing shaman in WoW.

I have focused the gameplay around the healing totem.

All your spells either originate or use the water totem. Water Stream Water Stream

You can find more about Water Stream in the documentation.

Siphon and Carnage #

Siphon and Carnage are melee weapons. You will feel like an assassin engulfed in a bloodbath.
The gameplay centers around Orbit Blades. They deal damage around you and buff your abilities. Water Stream Water Stream

You can already read about the weapon in the documentation.

I hope to finish the level in the coming weeks. The server implementation is complete. But I still have to test the level and add some animations.

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