Sludge Madness Rerelease


It took the whole week to finish the lightning for the three levels. There is a tiny parameter: Pushoff on the Lightmap Parameter Asset. This parameter solved all issues with black stripes on the light-maps.

I will gradually rework all available raids. In this first release, only Sludge Madness is playable.

Sludge Madness is a 3-stage raid. #

You start with the well-known encounter. It derives from the initial Sludge Madness raid. I’ve updated some models and reworked the lightning. library

After defeating Murkas, you get to the second stage. Skyzo and Phenias are paranoid characters. You will need to kill both of them to continue. laboratory

At last, you will meet Varanoth in the Auditorium. That completes the raid. You can get back to your cell through the Teleporter. auditorium

I’ve added some small puzzles to the raid.

Escape attempt rework is already underway. #

This raid receives a 2-stage design. The existing fight between the laser gates will be the final encounter. I can give you a first look at the new design.