Avatar Redesign

cover I got feedback that my avatars don’t feel quite right. So I learned some things about anatomy and face proportions. The new faces have twice the voxel count than the previous ones.
It was a real struggle to simplify the resulting mesh. Initially, each avatar had more than 1 million vertices.

Chat Rework #

The chat UI now aligns with the rest of the interface. The font is weightier and fits the rest of the UI. I also replaced the backend technology for the in-game chat. Previously I used MongooseIM. Mongoose is an XMPP server, and it is hard to use.
I implemented the same functionality with less code with Kotlins Shared-Flows. I will share another article on how the chat system works internally.
The only drawback of using my implementation is that I lost the ability to store chat messages. The current implementation will redirect the chats to the destined clients.


Statistics Rework #

The statistics window rework feels more intuitive. I dropped the second window and moved the information into the tooltip. The tooltip shows the percentage that each ability contributed to the stat.


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