Pit of Elements on Beta


Pit of Elements is now released onto the beta server. It is a 2.5-phase fight.

The first phase contains lightning vortexes and stone pillars. You will have to move the vortexes to the pillars.

Then comes an intermediate phase. You have to pierce the earthen shield to interrupt the cast.

After that, there is a longer phase with fire elementals and ice blocks.

At the end of the cycle, you should hide behind the pillars or the blocks to dodge the nova cast.

Four New Items #

Water Stream and Siphon and Carnage are now released on the beta branch. Furthermore, there is a new armor and a new trinket item. The armor Cooling Carapace will reset all your cooldowns once you fall below 50% life.

The trinket Chroniker grants you Power for a short period every 20 seconds. chat bubbles

Chat Enhancements #

I started with reworking the chat.

At first, I fixed the bug that you can’t scroll in it.

I also added the possibility to change the size and position of the chat window.

Chat Bubbles #

If you have the nameplate of players enabled, you will see the chat messages appear over their heads.

chat bubbles

Chat Commands #

I also added some basic chat commands that should help you with raiding.

  • /gg kills all players as the leader
  • /y displays a raid warning for all players
  • /help displays all available commands

Minor Fixes #

Mind that to access the beta, you need to select the “beta”-branch in the game properties in Steam.

Also, you have to select the “Beta” server on the login screen. Those with enabled permanent login, need to log out first.

Further Development #

While testing Pit of Elements and the items on the beta branch I will focus my efforts on deploying a server in the US.

You might wonder how this got priority. The majority of player (>90%) plays from the United States.

I already did some research about server costs. I am sure I can deploy an instance for under 200 $.

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