Progress Report: Firebound Forge


The last 3D level is completed. All five levels are now playable. The Firebound Forge is quite tricky.
It is a level with two bosses Iphrit and Zorn. Iphrit is a elemental smith, and Zorn a furious dragon.
If they stand together they will buff each other. If Zorn’s fire breath hits Iphrit he will enrage.
You have to dodge meteors and cool yourself if you get too blazed.
I had to film multiple times and do some additional balancing in order to get to defeat the bosses.
After Zorn dies the fight gets a little boring. I guess I have to tune Iphrit a bit more.

You can see the tank gameplay in this video.
I play with the Obsidian Warhammer and try to tank Iphrit while kiting the bots out of the meteors.
As the name suggests, the Warhammer is a two-handed mace. You can siphon energy from your enemies granting you Obsidian Infusion.
Obsidian Infusion will reduce your damage taken but also your movement speed. You can use these Infusions to either do additional damage or shield your friends.


There is also a new armor called Black Rock Cuirass.
This armor gives you a toggle ability. If on, it reduces damage taken and buffs your power but deals you 30 damage per tick.

I will now focus on migrating the last weapon and armor pieces into 3D. I hope to release the first 3D version in a couple of weeks.