Mini-Bosses and Lightning

cover Tweaking the lightning filled up most of this week. My new Radeon card is fast, but it behaves differently from the 1080 I had before.

I think the result is somehow passable and better than before.

New NPCs for Academy Halls #

With the help of Madraox, I could add more variety to each wing of Academy Halls.

We have three new normal monsters:

Jumping Spider #

An aggressive spiderling that charges onto enemies. jumpingSpider

Arcane Book #

A book that learned to cast the arcane spells it contains. arcaneBook

Zelot #

A ranged caster that channels demonic energy. zelot

Mini-Bosses as spawn defenders #

Four new elite monsters spawn on defending the middle spawn of each wing

Gooness #

Gooness is a mega Goo that spreads disease and slime. gooness

Devotee #

He studied demonic magic and could ascend. Now he teaches those who are deemed worthy. devotee

Phenias #

Phenias is another monstrosity created in the Academy Halls. He prefers to attack with his massive body. phenias

Murkas #

murkas This one is the same model as in Sludge Madness. I hope we can build a raid with the other three too.

With this patch, Academy Halls are almost final. There are just a few finishing touches needed. I think I can release it on the live server soon.