Avatar face rework

November 12, 2023 Face, Art, Design

Avatar face rework # I spent most of the week redesigning the face meshes of the avatars. It began with an experiment last Sunday with a new mesh for the druid. It was such an improvement, that I needed to redesign the rest of the faces. New boot mesh # I got a new boot mesh from Madraox and added it to the avatar. We are currently designing the remaining meshes. ...

Art Rework and Movement spells

November 5, 2023 Movement, Art, Design

Complete Art Rework # In the last update, I presented a new logo for Raiding.Zone. This week, I reworked the complete artwork for the product page. I also updated the road map for the rest of this and the upcoming year. Movement Spells # After the community poll on movement spells, I added a new item type. You can now equip boots in your loadout screen. At the start, we have five different boots to choose from. ...