New Talents and Ultimates

August 27, 2023 Patchnotes, Earlyaccess, 3d, Nameplates

New talents and ultimates # All weapons got 4 new talents including an ultimate spell that you unlock on maximal level. Here are some short examples of new spells: Fire Nova on Staff of Burning Souls # Expanding fire nova that hits all targets up to 450 range and applies Ablaze. Congregation on Plaguecarrier # Prevents all your Plague buffs from running out. Lightning Ball on Stormcaller # Consumes all vortexes and summons a Lightning Ball. ...

Patch Notes 22.08.2023

August 22, 2023 Patchnotes, Earlyaccess, 3d, Nameplates

Buffs and Health bars in Nameplates # Healthbars and Buffs now display on target Nameplates. You can deactivate them in Settings->Interface. Talent reset # You can now reset your weapon talents. That removes all active talents and resets the experience to zero. Unlocked avatars will stay unlocked. Essence combination hints # You can now view all essence combinations for the selected item. If you hover over the “Combination Guide” it will show all combinations. ...

Full Gameplay Trailer

April 30, 2023 Earlyaccess, 3d, Release

Full Gameplay Trailer # All levels are now available with added lightning and occlusion baked in. I composed a video containing all levels: I also want to present the new cover of Raiding.Zone: While reworking the Arcane Factory, I noticed that the level felt empty. So I added additional Tesla emitters in the corners. I fixed some bugs during the playtest and implemented a proper loading screen. All weapons have an enhanced range now. ...

Light and Shadow

April 22, 2023 Earlyaccess, 3d, Release

Light and Shadow # I managed to separate each level into a scene. That makes it possible to bake light and occlusion into the scene. I had some problems learning which parameters work best. The baking time was a marginal issue because my own computer only has a GTX1080 installed. The next problem to solve was the sheer size of the level. The initial lightmap for FireboundForge had a size of 5GB. ...

First 3D Release

April 15, 2023 Earlyaccess, 3d, Release

I finally finished the migration to 3D. I started working on it in February and finished it this week. There were a lot of learnings along the way. Starting from 3D model creation in MagicaVoxel to rigging and animating in Blender and ending with designing particle effects in 3D. This is still an early access release, and there will be some rough edges. The Android-Version is not available yet. I have to figure out how the perspective can work on mobile devices. ...

Progress Report: Firebound Forge

April 8, 2023 Patchnotes, Earlyaccess, 3d, Teaser, FireboundForge

The last 3D level is completed. All five levels are now playable. The Firebound Forge is quite tricky. It is a level with two bosses Iphrit and Zorn. Iphrit is a elemental smith, and Zorn a furious dragon. If they stand together they will buff each other. If Zorn’s fire breath hits Iphrit he will enrage. You have to dodge meteors and cool yourself if you get too blazed. ...

Progress Report: Sludge Madness

April 1, 2023 Patchnotes, Earlyaccess, 3d, Teaser, SludgeMadness

I’m glad to announce that I got another level done. This time you are in the library of an evil alchemist. He summoned an army of goos. Can you defeat their condemned spirit? The fight is quite intense. There are a lot of area effects are avoidable. In the video, I had to drag the bots a lot of time to move them out. You get to see the healer gameplay for the first time. ...

Progress Report: Bloodshed Arena

March 25, 2023 Patchnotes, Earlyaccess, 3d, Teaser, BloodshedArena

In the last two weeks I migrated the bloodshed arena into 3D. The battle is a lot more challenging than the Arcane Factory. I optimized the skeleton of characters and npcs to better match my animations. Furthermore there is a new weapon available in 3D. The Versatile Crossbow is a ranged weapon with a variety of ammunition available. The next level to migrate will be the Sludge madness.

Progress Report: Arcane Factory

March 11, 2023 Patchnotes, Earlyaccess, 3d, Teaser, ArcaneFactory

The 3D migration progresses a lot slower than I expected. I had to get my head around a bunch of conceptual stuff. The concept I used for animation was unintuitive. Furthermore, the 3D area effects need a height to look like they should. Blender is an incredible tool but the learning curve is steep. I used it for character rigging, and it works far better than the “MagicaVoxel-Toolbox”. Nevertheless, I completed the “Arcane Factory. ...

Raiding Zone in the Third Dimension

February 25, 2023 Patchnotes, Earlyaccess, 3d, Teaser

Raiding Zone in 3D # I gathered a lot of critics and advice for my game. I concluded that I could not market my game as a 2D-TopDown game. It’s not appealing enough to gather any audience. So this is my first teaser for the 3D-Version. The level in the video is the only playable right now. It has all features that are present on other levels. The server calculates the map in 2D, but all textures and effects are now in 3D. ...

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