Adamant Difficulty Release

December 24, 2023 Adamant, Live, Release

In the last weeks, I focused my efforts on adding a new adamant difficulty. The latest update releases it to the live server. The difficulty is only accessible through a Cipher. You get a Cipher by completing a challenging level. Adamant raids introduce new raid mechanics. You can read about them in the previous dev logs. To further complicate things, adamant raids have weekly changing obstacles. These are additional effects, that will try to kill you. ...

Adamant Weekly Loot

December 17, 2023 Adamant, Beta, Release

Adamant mechanics # I added adamant mechanics for all levels. Firebound Forge # Every meteor will spawn a dragon egg. Those eggs need to get destroyed, or dragonkins spawn. Pit of Elements # At the start of the boss fight, Khorin spawns a big vortex that rotates around the arena. Another vortex spawns, every time he casts meditation. Soul Towers # The High King got a new ability. He will periodically summon a High Priest. ...

Adamant Beta Release

December 10, 2023 Adamant, Beta, Release

This week I released adamant difficulty for three raids on the beta server. Those raids are Bloodshed Arena, Sludge Madness, and Escape Attempt. They all got new boss mechanics. In the case of Bloodshed Arena, I improved the existing mechanics. The boss will now get a shield as soon as a vassal spawns. Five obstacles at the start # Adamant raids will get an additional obstacle. Every week a lesser and a higher obstacle is chosen. ...

Adamant Teaser

December 3, 2023 Adamant, Teaser, Visuals, Shadergraph

First, I want to apologize for missing the Twitch stream this Sunday. I was sick and couldn’t find the energy to stream. New Difficulty Adamant # I want to introduce you to a new difficulty level. It is called Adamant and has more boss mechanics, than the Challenging difficulty. I spent the whole week finding a concept how to implement it. I had some ideas for boss mechanics but nothing for loot and rewards. ...