New GUI and target zone visibility

September 13, 2023 Devlog, Gui, Targetzones

Reworked GUI # I got sick of the grey tone and wanted some SciFi vibe. I bought some SciFi frames and gave the GUI a more distinctive look. Blue is now the primary color. Every dialog got reworked to fit the new theme. Redesigned Target zones # I received feedback that it is sometimes hard to see which effects are hostile. Enemy effects are now clearly visible. Better solo raiding # There were a bunch of levels that you would have trouble beating if you played alone. ...

Two years for developing an MMO

September 3, 2023 Devlog, Retrospective

Two years for developing an MMO # I am a huge fan of MMORPGs. I particularly enjoy the raiding experience. I like to play in coordination with other people to defeat a boss. In recent years, I developed an aversion to the current direction of popular MMOs. I do not want to grind for hours to have one hour of raiding time. That feeling sparked the idea to develop an MMORPG that focuses on raiding. ...