Smart Bots Release

November 26, 2023 Bots, Boots, Target-Zone, Essence, Spawn

All changes on the Beta branch are now live on Steam. I will reiterate all changes below. If you already read the beta posts, you can skip the points. New Trailer # Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions for the new Trailer. Primarily I wanted to show the new raiding interface and some enhanced visuals. New Spawn animation # To enhance the Sci-Fi look, I created a shader with ShaderGraph that spawns your character on entering the level. ...

Cautious Raiders

November 19, 2023 Bots, Area Effects, Target Zones, Boots

Visuals for boots # Your choice of boots will now determine how your character looks. Right now, we have six different boot models. But maybe we will add a wider variation. @Madraox designed the majority of them. He made it possible to pack the boots in this release. Bots will now dodge area-effects # They won’t move out of effects if you set their target mode to follow. They will also move into helpful area effects like ring of hope or flood. ...