Mini-Bosses and Lightning

February 4, 2024 Academy-Halls, Beta, Minimap, Pickups

Tweaking the lightning filled up most of this week. My new Radeon card is fast, but it behaves differently from the 1080 I had before. I think the result is somehow passable and better than before. New NPCs for Academy Halls # With the help of Madraox, I could add more variety to each wing of Academy Halls. We have three new normal monsters: Jumping Spider # An aggressive spiderling that charges onto enemies. ...

Loot, Pickups and Minimap

January 21, 2024 Academy-Halls, Beta, Minimap, Pickups

This update is smaller than the last one. I was busy fixing stuff in the academy halls. You can get pickups in Academy Halls! # Every mob you kill has the possibility to spawn a pickup. Currently, there are five different types of pickups: Health: restores 10% of maximum health Resource: restores 10% of your resource pool (Mana, Energy, Rage, Focus) Experience: grants 150xp to your current equipment set Essence: grants a random essence with a random level They have different drop probabilities. ...

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