Sludge Madness

Update for Live Servers

April 28, 2024 Sludge Madness, Live, Release, Escape Attempt

Today I can finally release the pending changes on the live servers. The primary changes are the new avatar compilation and the ongoing raid rework. The raid rework isn’t finished. Yet I couldn’t find a reason to further delay the live update. For this release, I re-enabled the Escape Attempt raid. It is a two-stage encounter with fights in the perimeter, and the final in the gateway. In the perimeter you will fight the Custodian. ...

Sludge Madness Rerelease

April 21, 2024 Sludge Madness, Live, Release

It took the whole week to finish the lightning for the three levels. There is a tiny parameter: Pushoff on the Lightmap Parameter Asset. This parameter solved all issues with black stripes on the light-maps. I will gradually rework all available raids. In this first release, only Sludge Madness is playable. Sludge Madness is a 3-stage raid. # You start with the well-known encounter. It derives from the initial Sludge Madness raid. ...

Sludge Madness Progress

April 14, 2024 Sludge Madness, Live, Release

Last week I was busy. I made some progress on the Sludge Madness raid. It will be a 3-level raid. The existing library will contain the first encounter. # After you killthe Murkas you can progress into the next stage. You will fight the Gooness and Phenias in the Laboratory. # After that, you will progress to the final fight in the auditorium. The demon Varanoth awaits you in the auditorium. ...