New Talents and Ultimates

August 27, 2023 Patchnotes, Earlyaccess, 3d, Nameplates

New talents and ultimates # All weapons got 4 new talents including an ultimate spell that you unlock on maximal level. Here are some short examples of new spells: Fire Nova on Staff of Burning Souls # Expanding fire nova that hits all targets up to 450 range and applies Ablaze. Congregation on Plaguecarrier # Prevents all your Plague buffs from running out. Lightning Ball on Stormcaller # Consumes all vortexes and summons a Lightning Ball. ...

Patch Notes 22.08.2023

August 22, 2023 Patchnotes, Earlyaccess, 3d, Nameplates

Buffs and Health bars in Nameplates # Healthbars and Buffs now display on target Nameplates. You can deactivate them in Settings->Interface. Talent reset # You can now reset your weapon talents. That removes all active talents and resets the experience to zero. Unlocked avatars will stay unlocked. Essence combination hints # You can now view all essence combinations for the selected item. If you hover over the “Combination Guide” it will show all combinations. ...