Writing a game chat server in Kotlin

June 2, 2023 Tutorial, Kotlin, Channels, Flows, Websockets

A while ago, I needed a chat server for my game. I only had rudimentary requirements. After a short research, I decided to use XMPP as the protocol and MongooseIM as the backing server. Over time, I came to the conclusion, that this is far from ideal. The rest API isn’t easy to use, and the server configuration is error-prone. I don’t need the whole XMPP protocol. I only need some non-persistent chat rooms so people of the same party can communicate with each other. ...

Code Generation from Kotlin to C#

December 24, 2022 Programming, Design, Code-Generation, Kotlin, Csharp

After prototyping my game with KorGE, I hit a roadblock. I wanted more advanced features in my game, but the support from KorGE was not that good. It has problems with complex particles, camera movement, or z-indexing. So I decided to rewrite my game in Unity and C#. But I didn’t want to maintain the code base in 2 different languages. I wanted to keep the main codebase in Kotlin and generate most of the C# code. ...

Technology Stack

December 24, 2022 Programming, Design, Spring-Boot, Unity, Techstack, Kotlin, Csharp

I started my game programming journey about a year and a half ago. I am somehow confident in programming Kotlin and liked the idea of a complete game in my favorite language. I planned to make a multiplayer game where you fight together to kill a boss. I played a lot of World of Warcraft in the old days but didn’t like the amount of work I had to put in to be able to play my favorite part of the game. ...

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