Academy Halls Release

February 11, 2024 Academy-Halls, Live, Spawns

I am proud to release the first update this year. The Academy Halls update is now live. I will give you a quick overview of the update. If you are interested in more details, you can read the previous dev logs. But first, I want to thank Madraox for his work. Most of the voxel monsters, their animations, and a lot of decoration originate from him. Academy Halls is a world map. ...

Academy Halls on Beta

January 14, 2024 Academy-Halls, Beta, Spawns

Welcome to the first update in the year 2024. I am proud to introduce you to a PvE world-level Academy Halls. The level is 25x times bigger than Sludge Madness but belongs to the same setting. This is the first world-level and there are several more planned. In Academy Halls, you wander a lost university. Monsters are roaming free through the floors. There are several enemy spawns that you need to capture. ...